Thank you so much for the suggestion! I'll check it out. And thank you for reading!

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Followed the rabbit hole from a Christmas greeting to Tessa ... and glad I did. Nice. Lots to say and learn about your elegant and lean writing style — and those photos, which Guy touched on. Yes, I sometimes wonder if emergence theory has a flip side in submergence theory, or mandelbrot sets collapse on themselves — but as you reminded me, it might all just come down to whether I've had my morning coffee.

Merry Christmas to you Pat, and judging by the titles alone, I will have some great reads to look forward to.


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Great comment, thank you.

I have known since a childhood overheard discussion from my father that there is no left or right: they are on a wheel, or a circle, with extreme left and right on one side of it with locked into some form of total control. The other side is the opposite, in almost exactly the way you describe.

And for the stair cases. My initial response was of shapes, not *what* they were. After that moment passed from immediate feeling reaction to thinking about them, the shape shifted to staircases. It was after that that I did 'the' mind thing to figure out which I liked, while recognising that that was, in a way, a kind of wast of time. So I relaxed, and found myself enjoying the nature of the fractal patterning as a kind of soothing connection to the fractal geometry that occurs naturally in nature, naturally. LoL! Naturally. Then wrote about it! OMG, Life does have a sense of humour.

Interesting your experience with the gap you experienced between persona and 'reality'.

For a guest, may I suggest Africa Brook?

Brook apologised to Jordan Peterson for having been totally asleep in woke. You may enjoy this podcast:

"Leaving the Cult of Wokeness with Jordan Peterson | Africa Brooke - MP Podcast #120"


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One of the most mysterious energy patterns available to our senses. Just think about the complexity of creation this thing. You won’t be able even to draw it on paper.

If I were a scientist, after seeing this, I would give up all science pursuits. We will never be there. Yet, a minuscule creatures have no problem whatsoever with repeated structuring of energy this way.

We are unable even to ask them, why they are doing this. The only thing we can do is to step back, switch off the mind and open to the Unknowable (as much as we can, if at all).

Amazing and lovely.

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