Hello Pat.

Several years ago while I was teaching Comparative Culture classes in Japanese colleges, I came upon Jill's TED talk "My Stroke of Insight". I was not prepared for what I was to see, and found myself in tears at the end of her talk. Shortly afterwards, I found her e-mail and sent a note asking permission for Japanese college students to translate the talk. Without my knowing how much impact she had already made, she wrote a good-natured reply thanking me and informing me the talk as well as her book had already been translated. We exchanged a couple more short mails (which I have cherished and saved), and shortly afterwards, NHK-E (educational TV in Japan), aired two documentaries about her. As I suspected, and as emerged in my classes, Jill's understanding of her experience has much in common with some traditional Japanese values, particularly some Zen influenced art and psychology, Shintoism, and Taoist counterparts.

I have not yet read this book, but thanks to the heads up in this substack post, I just bought the Kindle version. Looking forward to it.

Regards from Japan,


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